May 21, 1993 - October 27, 2008

Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Nasusa Polo Of Taymarc

Dam: Can. Ch. Skeedoodle's Blue Lily

Born: May 21, 1993



Bred By: Marc & Tanya Fontaine (Taymarc)

Owned By: Susan Nordstrom (Lynallan)


Group 1st (1996) Judge: Michelle Billings

Dearest Ivy,
Today we held you in our arms and said goodbye as we watched you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 
Even though our hearts are breaking, we just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful years and memories you have given us. 
Thank you for literally stumbling into our lives, enriching our souls and opening up our hearts and minds to such an amazingly wonderful breed. 
Because of you, it changed the course of our lives forever!
I can still remember the first time we watched you run in an open field and being in complete awe of your beauty, your grace, your speed and your power. 
Thank you for your constant companionship and unconditional love over the last  14.5  years , you were always there with a lick and a cuddle when we needed it. 
Thank you for your roo-roo's and your silly antics, they will remain forever as cherished and blessed memories and it will bring a smile to our faces when we hear those same roo-roo's and see those same silly antics in your children, and your children's children. 
Thank you most of all for your beautiful daughters,Tempo and Teema (who sadly crossed the bridge before you), your grand-children Epic, Stevie, Pocket, Latigo, Shooter and your great granddaughter( Farriss) who remain here with us at Lynallan.  Without you, they wouldn't be here and you will live on forever through each of them and each of their children's children. 
You ruled them all with an iron paw, but you loved each and everyone of them dearly and made sure each and every one of them always had clean ears, even if you had to pin them down to do it.  
Over the years we have watched you grow old gracefully.  We know this last year has been the hardest for you, as your legs and body were not as strong as they used to be and even a slight wind would knock you over.  You had difficulties in walking, getting up or laying down was a chore and often we heard your soft whines of pain.   We tried to ease your pain as best we could, but the past few weeks you have let us know that the time has come to say goodbye.  So with great sadness and many, many tears we made the heart wrenching decision to let you go and make your last days on earth as special and as comfortable as possible, spoiling you with whatever your heart desired and showing you how much we love you and how much you have meant to us.  So this afternoon we held you in our arms and told you how much you have meant to us as you breathed your last breath and your soul crossed peacefully over the bridge.  So goodbye our sweet girl and we cannot thank you enough for all the joy and wonderful memories you have given us. 
We know in our hearts that Chester, Sweetie, your daughter Teema and your grandaughter Boots are all there at the bridge to welcome you, so you can all run in paradise together. 
Run fast, run free and wait for us at the bridge, for one day we shall all be together again.  
Rest in peace sweet angel.
In Loving Memory of "Ivy" -  Can. Select Ch. Taymarc's Black Ice
May 21, 1993 - October 27, 2008
We love you Doodlebug and we will hold you forever in our hearts and memories.
Love always and forever - Sue, Dave, Alyssa, Cody and The Lynallan Gang


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ivy came to live with us in 1994, but she didn't make her show debut until August of 1996.  Ivy and her handler hit the ring with a bang, gaining her Canadian Championship very quickly with BOB's over specials, group placements - including a Group 1st from the classes under Mrs. Michelle Billings.  After her short specials career, she was retired to the whelping box and couch.

9 Years

Ivy had a very classic head, with a beautiful neck and shoulder placement, gorgeous outline and clean flowing movement.

12 Years


She produced 3 beautiful litters for us:

click to see pictures of each litter
The 1st in 1998 sired by Can. Sel. Ch. Nasusa Sound The Charge ("Gator")

2nd in 2000 sired by SBIS Can. Ch. Henmar's Brookehaven N Wenrick ("Chester")

3rd in 2001 sired by Am. Can. Ch. Saxon Shore Roll Of Thunder, SC, ROMX, FCh ("Mr. Bean")


AOM at 2004 NWCC National Specialty - from the 10+ yrs Veteran Bitch class

Judge: Sandra Frei


In 2003 (at 10 years of age) she came out of retirement to win the Veteran Bitch class at the Stampede City Whippet Club Specialty, under judge Carol Esterkin.  In 2004 (at 11 years of age) Ivy attended the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty.  After winning her Senior Veteran Bitch Class (10+ yrs) she went on to take an Award of Merit!!  Many thanks to judge: Sandra Frei. (pictured above)

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12 Years


14 Years


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