Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Lynallans Brushwood Shaker

Dam: Can. Ch. Lynallans Rhythm And Blues


February 28, 2004 - January 29, 2016

Bred By: Susan Nordstrom (Lynallan)

Owned By: Susan & Alyssa Nordstrom (Lynallan)

CERF# WP-3248/2008-48
OFA# WA-CA389/50F/C-PI Cardio Normal

Stevie was one of our “Rock” litter and was named after Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. She was “Ch. Lynallans Go Your Own Way.” She was aptly named, as she turned out to be the most independent, strong willed, vocal and outgoing pup we have ever had. She definitely had a mind of her own and liked to do things her way! She was also a tough little girl – nothing phased her! She did everything full tilt, with no fear and with all her heart and soul. Hence her nickname “Stevil” ( after Evil Knievel.) 

Stevie suffered a coursing injury to her pastern a few years ago, and over the years arthritis set in and it really took it’s toll on her the last couple of years.  But this past January it became clear that pain medications were no longer helping and she was in constant pain, so we made the decision to let her go peacefully to the bridge.  We miss her deeply



"Stevie" is the girl we chose to keep from the "Shae" X "Tempo" litter.  Stevie has a very vibrant personality and as her name says she always 'Goes Her Own Way'.  Stevie was shown only a couple times as a puppy while we concentrated on showing her brother, "Epic", and we were also waiting for her to mature.  However she still managed to pick up points nearly every time she was shown.


November 5/04 - RDDKC - WB/BOW/BP (2pts) - Judge: Dr. Alvin Krause
November 7/04 - RDDKC - WB/BOW/BP (2pts) - Judge: Mrs. Bettie Krause
April 3/05 - RDDKC - WB (2pts) - Judge: Mr. Merlin Van De Kinder
March 27/06 - BRCA - WB (1pt) - Judge: Mr. Roger Hartinger
March 24/06 - BRCA - WB (2pts) - Judge: Ms. Bonnie Derry
March 25/06 - BRCA - WB/BOW (2pts) - Judge: Ms. Lynda Starbuck (pictured above)

May 23/05 - FGC - NBQ (2nd day after certifying)
May 21/06 - FGC - NBQ
September 2/07 - ALCA - 4th (10 pts)
September 15/07 - FGC - 3rd (20 pts)
September 16/07 - FGC - NBQ (after a run-off)

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